Seven First Kisses

Seven First Kisses - 첫키스만 일곱번째


Jeong Jeong Hwa


Choi Ji Woo as Goddess
Lee Cho Hee as Min Soo Jin
Lee Joon Ki as Church oppa
Park Hae Jin as Romantic Boss
Ji Chang Wook as Sexy secret agent
Kai as Charming Student
Taecyeon as Sweet rich guy
Lee Jong Suk as Famous Actor
Lee Min Ho as Free Spirit Traveler

Release Year: 2016

Country: Korean

Genre: Drama Romance Comedy

Status: Ongoing


A romantic drama of a duty free shop worker meeting seven different men.

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) meets a goddess (Choi Ji Woo). Later she got a chance from the goddess to choose one guy among seven guys, as her first kiss.

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